Making a creative Lancashire?

Lancashire's creative industries are booming

Lancashire's creative industries are booming

You might be surprised to know that Lancashire’s creative industries are in economic terms more important than the county’s tourist sector. Surprised me too.

Creative industries are defined as “a set of interlocking industry sectors that focus on creating unique property, content or design that previously did not exist.” (Wikipedia)

Meeting up with Creative Lancashire, a branch of Lancashire County Council, to discuss their plans for the future it was impressive to see the passion they have for making Lancashire number one in the UK for creative industries. It has the scope to do it.

They are working on a wide range of projects and some of the biggest relate to the 2012 Olympics and making sure that this is the first cultural olympiad. I’d never heard the phrase either. A cultural olympiad is trying to make sure that the Olympics are not just about sport but also celebrate culture – and very importantly ensure it is celebrated outside London.

One of the projects they are working on is called New Cultural Journeys. This involves young people using whatever media they like to show their favourite journeys. Cool stuff.

Another project is We Play. This is all about how people will watch and engage with the Olympics. After all, by 2012, we are expected to be a digital nation and with the TV switchover nearly complete by then the ‘press the red button’ option will be there for everyone. The Olympics will be digital and always on, but how will this impact on how we consume them?

We also chatted about the Preston Guild in 2012 and how with the plans to make it a bigger event and stretch out the length of time it happens for – how it could avoid clashing with the Olympics. Creative Lancashire will no doubt be involved in the Guild and hopefully they can get some of these creative industries involved to ensure that the 2012 Guild is something to remember.


Wiki started for Preston Guild 2012 ideas

After the success of Preston Tweetup, I’ve set up a quick wiki where all the ideas from the night can be jotted down, edited and evolved.

Take a moment to read through them all and then sign up and add your voice to the ideas. We’ll be using this wiki as a base to build on over the coming weeks.