Website set up to force out Preston MP Mark Hendrick

The website includes a disclosure about how the person behind the website is and their political history

The website includes a disclosure about how the person behind the website is and their political history

A Fulwood resident has set up a website requesting that Mark Hendrick, the current MP for Preston, step down or not contest the next election after the revealing of his claims for expenses.

The website – – states that Hendrick is

yet to justify himself to the public


we want an MP who will work hard and effectively on behalf of the people of Preston, someone who has their own mind and uses it, and who has the integrity and moral courage to stand by their beliefs. We think that it must to be someone who can show they opposed the war on Iraq for, whilst we accept that others may disagree, that is our personal test of integrity

Details of Hendrick’s expenses came out in the Lancashire Evening Post last week:

MP Mark Hendrick paid back almost £7,000 after he claimed mortgage interest payments for BOTH his Preston and London homes on his taxpayer-funded expenses.

He revealed that between April 2007 and March 2008 he overclaimed £6,850.52 in mortgage interest payments on his second home allowance.

It will be interesting to see if this kind of website can have an impact in the next general election – whenever that may be.

If you’d like to quiz Mark Hendrick yourself about his expenses or ask him about any other issue, his next ‘MP Surgery’ is on Saturday 6th June 2009 from 11 AM – 1 PM at UCLan Students’ Union, Fylde Road, Preston.


5 Responses

  1. Before we all go into a frenzy (and trust me, I would like to see Mark Hendrick defeated!) a little bit of reality is needed here.

    First of all, it is a well known “open secret” that Hendrick promised to be far more loyal to Labour than his predecessor Audrey Wise, it’s one of the reasons why he a) won the selection back in 2000, and b) why he has at least fufilled one promise – he’s never voted against the Government AT ALL. Rather than having an MP, we have a stooge, and it stinks.

    BUT, even with favourable boundary changes taking place in time for the next election, Hendrick still has a healthy majority – 12,000 in 2001, 9,400 in 2005. Any effort against him – and, erm, Fulwood isn’t in the Preston constituency! – has to be united, a characteristic not exactly common in Preston.

    The reality? Preston is a Labour town. A new voting system would still return a Labour candidate. The power to deselct him is in the hands of the local Labour association – now will they do it?

  2. I’ve blogged about this on my own blog ‘River’s Stream’.

    I’ve tried to contact hendrickmustgo, but the email doesn’t seem to work. Maybe they will contact me?

  3. Mark Hendrick isn’t my MP but what a shame the website’s been scrapped. The fact that Hendrick paid back £7000 proves that he’s had his fingers in the till but this is nowhere near as bad as voting ‘very strongly’ for the Iraq war thereby condoning the deaths of thousands of people. I’d love to see him ousted, he’s been absolutely rubbish. This political crowd we’ve got are so arrogant. They expect us to look up to them, follow their unreasonable laws (made just for us not them) and be satisfied working like dogs for less than £6 per hour.

  4. The site might be reborn, the creator of the site has posted a few ideas here

  5. Hendrick? good riddance.

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