Review: Paolo Nutini @ 53 Degrees

Paolo Nutini gave a powerful performance at 53 Degrees

Paolo Nutini gave a powerful performance at 53 Degrees

Paolo Nutini rolled into Preston for a stop during his UK tour.

The Scottish singer song-writer played to a sell-out crowd at 53 Degrees.

Paolo was in good form, lurching around the stage and getting the crowd going during opening track ‘New Shoes‘.

Backed by a skillful band, Paolo was interacting well with the crowd – despite being far more Scottish in the flesh than on record, which led to some amusing moments when he said something and the crowd failed to understand it.

The tracks from his new album went down well, and an acoustic version of ‘Last Request’ was beautiful – with many a couple swaying in time as the lighting glowed red around Nutini as he stretched his vocals to the limit.

Jenny Don’t Be Hasty‘ got the biggest cheer of the night and the crowd left bopping to the upbeat tempo that Paolo and his bands managed to keep throughout the gig.

The show was excellent considering that it’s difficult sometimes for singer songwriters to keep the attention of the audience during a show, but Paolo’s energy on stage was brilliant and the album tracks definitely sounded better live. The only negative was the omission of ‘Rewind’ that was one of his stronger slower tracks.


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