Preston Tringe Festival line-up announced

Preston Tringe Festival is bringing an exciting range of acts to the city

Preston Tringe Festival is bringing an exciting range of acts to the city

The line-up for the first Preston Tringe Festival has been unveiled. Running from 23rd July to 31st July 2009 at various venues across the city, the Tringe will be a hodgepodge of comedy, music, theatre and other live performance events – complete with a Tweetup about the Preston arts scene thrown in for good measure.

The standard of shows over the Tringe is extraordinary for a new festival, with two five-star rated shows from Edinburgh International Festival confirmed to play.

Liz Bentley and Russell Thompson come to Avenham Park Pavilion on Friday 31st July with ‘Liz and Rachel Get in Touch with their Feelings’.

Thompson will also be bringing ‘Project Adorno’s Top 10 of British Culture’ to the Tringe at the Adelphi pub on Thursday 30th July and Friday 31st July.

These are just two shows from a diverse line-up.

Sam Buist, from Preston’s Screaming Theatre Group and who is co-organising the festival, said in an interview with Preston Blog in April: “We just want Preston Tringe to be accessible to anyone and everyone and allow people to experience a range of theatre, music, literature and other contemporary stuff for a week.

We wanted to take this event to the people and make it in places you wouldn’t expect to see drama or these type of events.

“I’d like to think we can detach the stigma that’s sometimes attached to drama and live performance, that’s it’s for those with money and needs to be in a big swanky theatre.”


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