First Preston Bloggers Meetup a success

Andy Dickinson gave his experiences of blogging at the event

Andy Dickinson gave his experiences of blogging at the event

The first Preston Bloggers Meetup took place at the New Continental on Wednesday 13th May.

Up against stiff competition from The Apprentice it was good to see about 25-30 people crammed in the Snug area to get some blogging advice.

Andy Dickinson, pro-blogger and lecturer in digital journalism at the University of Central Lancashire, gave a talk about how to go about setting up and running a successful blog. He drew on his background as a blogger, starting out in 2003, and how he built up a community and brand around himself and what he was writing about.

The evening then moved on to networking and socialising as novice bloggers sought tips from those more experienced in blogging ways and a small queue made its way to seek advice from @digidickinson.

The night has even sparked a few blog posts (and I suspect there will be a few Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger accounts being setup this evening!):

Gemma Cameron was blogging from her iPhone before the night had even finished, capturing the words of widsom that Andy Dickinson was passing on. Rick Seymour also captured what Andy offered as advice while Chris Skoyles focused more on what the event was about and the atmosphere at it.

There were even a few tweets during the event, although it was marred by some twitter down-time, but you can find #prestonbloggers related tweets.

You can also view images of the event via Flickr. If you’ve got any images, upload them to Flickr and tag them with ‘prestonbloggersmeetup’.

Now the big question, how often would people like these events to happen? And did you like the format? Are you inspired to improve your blog? Are you inspired to start one?


8 Responses

  1. Loved how it started out with Andy raising his hand “I am a geek”. It’s always good to get a fresh opinion on what a blog is all about….. and to bring out of people the real “why” they are doing what they are.
    Personally I’d like in the next talk more on “brand” and how to improve..and how to bring bloggers from Preston more out into the open.. and work as a unified voice 🙂

  2. I though the meeting was great as it not only put faces to many of our local blogs, it was a great mix of pros and novices – and even self-confessed idiots! – who, following digidickinson’s really accessible talk, gave and received useful tips about their own blogging & networking from the basics up, enough for the self-confessed idiots to start practising their blogging skills straight away. Preston and South Ribble clearly have a dynamic community of bloggers.

    It would be great to have more of these events – but not too often as it will interfere with blogging time! – perhaps a few events per year maybe…?

  3. I really enjoyed this event. It was my first experience of blogging and I have now lost a full day to exploring blogs and blogging. I would love to see more of these events that would help me progress my skills and understanding. Thanks for helping us set up our practice blog Jane!

  4. Just to say how sorry I am that I was not able to attend myself. Hopefully I’ll be at the next one.


  5. Well done Ed and many thanks to you, Andy and Jenn for organising and delivering such a useful event. I learned a lot and my basic beginner’s blog will soon include photos and links to other bloggers. I agree with Jane’s comment about lack of time but I learned so much that I’d try to make the time to get together every month or couple of months. Regards to all, Max

  6. a good evening, we three self-confessed idiots enjoyed it. I’m about to set a blog site up now – wish me luck!!!

  7. Well done son! Small acorns and all that. I do try and get into my blog routine when I can, and have had lots of interest from people.

    Keep on blogging!


  8. Had a great time. I keep two blogs on wordpress now – and
    Looking forward to the next one.


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