Ice cream at Bonds of Elswick

One happy punter enjoys a scoop of vanilla and mint chop chip at Bonds of Elswick

One happy punter enjoys a scoop of vanilla and mint chop chip at Bonds of Elswick

Hidden in the twisty country lanes just outside Preston as you head towards Blackpool is Bonds of Elswick. Makers of some of the finest ice cream I’ve ever tasted it’s well worth the short trip. Head out of Preston through Woodplumpton, tear through Inskip, and you’ll be in Elswick. It’s about 15 minutes drive.

Bonds comprises of a restaurant, diner/cafe, ice cream counter and old school sweet shop. The restaurant was busy when we arrived, and we slipped into the diner. It’s a 1950s throw back, with turqoise blue seats and the staff wearing those white suits with hats. I had a coffee and my friend opted for a strawberry milk shake. Then it was time for the ice cream.

I went for a scoop of apple crumble ice cream, whoever thought of that flavour is a genius. A tub of mint crisp was also bought. It’s all reasonably priced and there was a constant stream of cars arriving, grabbing a cone and then roaring off into the distance.

The old school sweet shop is also great. If you’re ever at a loss for what to get someone for their birthday, grab a tenner and fill your bag with old fashioned pic’n’mix, gobstoppers, sherbert lemons amongst others. There’s also old school fizzy drinks. Brilliant.

So, if it’s a sunny afternoon and you’re at a loss take a trip out to Elswick and sample some real dairy ice cream. None of this American nonsense.


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