The first three months of Preston Blog

Preston Blog has now been running for just over three months. I thought I’d take a moment to take stock and reflect on my personal blog about how I set up a community journalism blog for where I live.

I also thought our readers might be interested to see a ‘Preston Blog in numbers’ and get behind the content and see some of the figures.

To date Preston Blog has had 9,477 visitors. The busiest day was Sunday 15th March 2009 when over 300 people came and viewed the blog. We’ve had 74 posts, in 24 categories and we’ve tagged our posts with 437 tags.

Top five search terms for people finding the blog through Google etc are: preston blog, moonlight walk 2009, dr preston blog, preston twitter, prestonblog. According to my Google search we are now #2 if you search for ‘preston blog’. We’re only being beaten by Robert Peston’s BBC blog. Pesky doom merchant.

Our most viewed content has been about the charity Moonlight Walk, an abandoned local mental asylum, a local group for geeks, a tweetup about Preston Guild 2012 and legislation that could force music venues to fit noise limiters.

That’s just a flavour. There’s loads of great stuff to read on here, plenty of ways to get involved and we’ve got plenty more to come in the future.

Thanks for reading the blog, thanks for your support.


2 Responses

  1. Congrats on your first 3 months! Great blog, I’ve learnt lots of stuff that’s been happening in Preston that I never knew about… keep up the good work!

  2. Have to agree with Simon.

    Your coverage of some events – like the Penwortham Leisure Centre Fiasco has been second to none, and shows the full potential of skilled local blogging.

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