Starsailor spring into Action Records

Starsailor's James Walsh

Starsailor's James Walsh performs at Action Records

Music fans flocked to Preston’s Action Records last night to catch a glimpse of indie outfit, Starsailor.

The group were on hand to sign copies of latest album All the Plans, their fourth album in total and first for Virgin Records.

Rich in melodies and full of earnest emotion, the new album, released this Monday has seen a return to form for the Chorley band, attracting favourable reviews and a slew of media coverage.

Before fans had the chance to get their copies signed, they were treated to a solo set from frontman, James Walsh.

Coming across as somewhat reserved, perhaps even a tad shy, backstage, Walsh nonetheless came to life when faced with an eager audience.

Strumming fervently at an acoustic guitar, the singer’s familiar, impassioned vocals roared their way through tracks from the new LP, old favourite, Good Souls, and even inspired rendition of Abba’s Dancing Queen.

“I definitely think events like this are a good move for record shops,” Walsh said prior to his performance. “When I was younger there wasn’t really any such thing as downloading, so everyone came to places like this [Action Records] to buy music. Now music sales are down but it’s good to see record shops diversifying by having events such as this one.”

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