UCLan carbon success hampered by lack of joined up transport thinking

This is a guest post from Martin Brown. He is a blogger on the built environment at isite and can be found on twitter @martinbrown. If you’d like to write a guest post for Preston Blog check out how you can get involved.
A recent article in the Guardian focused on UCLan’s excellent performance in obtaining the Carbon Trust Standard – only one of six universities nationally to do so.

Interestingly Paul Morris, director of facilities management at UCLan, sees transport, as the challenging, sticky issue:

He said: “We do have a university travel plan, and fewer staff travel to work on their own in their vehicles, but it’s difficult for people to get here because public transport alternatives are so poor.”
Though the University lobbies the local council for improvements, he explains, problems with the interchange between rail and bus timetables, for example, discourage students and staff from using them. This means transport is a factor in UCLan’s carbon performance that is proving particularly difficult to improve upon.


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