Preston Tweetup – an idea

Twitter, the micro-blogging service, is becoming popular in Preston

Twitter, the micro-blogging service, is becoming popular in Preston

Update: Venue confirmed for Preston Tweetup, now for a date

Been kicking an idea around for a bit, it happens in other towns and cities and I think it could be good for Preston, about having a ‘Tweetup’ in Preston.

What’s a ‘Tweetup’ I hear you cry. It’s a meeting of folks, arranged via Twitter/the web in a venue that has wi-fi access. Everyone who comes brings along their wireless enabled laptop/mobile phone and the event is assigned a hashtag on Twitter. So for example the hashtag would be #prestontweetup and then everyone who is talking about the event, or at the event, puts the hashtag into their tweets.

The event allows people to network, meet people face to face (in a safe environment) who they might have connected with only via Twitter and potentially to use the meeting to generate some ideas or discuss a particular topic.

I was thinking of hosting the event, as in ‘Preston Tweetup, in association with Preston Blog’, and Stage 9 Marketing have already indicated they’d be willing to support the event. Can anyone recomend a suitable venue?

I was also thinking of having a purpose to the night (other than just getting lots of people who are on Twitter and live in and around Preston together in the same room!), so taking a topic e.g. ‘How the web could be used for Preston Guild in 2012’ and asking for people’s contributions ahead of the event (in the format of one slide each) and then we could discuss these at the event, come up with ideas and maybe break off into smaller groups to discuss. The rest of the night would then be free for networking and other discussions, but it gives everyone a starting point of conversation with one another!

You can follow Preston Blog on Twitter @prestonblog or check out Preston people on Twitter on the Preston Twitter Directory.

So, get involved, would you attend a Preston Tweetup? Know a suitable venue? Want to be more involved? Let me know below…


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  1. I would attend. I like the idea of a big group of expressive people from all backgrounds getting together…. all differing view points but all wanting to get the message across and the word out… so yea.

    It would be good to discuss the rise in Web2.0 (buzz buzzzz) media in allowing groups of non-connected people to become closer to discussing an idea…


    Use of new technologies in the workplace in an economic slowdown.

  2. This would be rather good. Preston’s got quite a large community on Twitter, and we could gather at least 15 (see GeekUp Preston’s numbers!).

  3. Depending on when and where… i would come! it would be a good laugh and quite interesting to see who’s using twitter for fashion and who’s been twittering before Jonathon Ross said something on BBC!! 🙂 (sorry!)

  4. Any ideas for a venue? Would need wi-fi, a bar and probably access to a big screen/projector.

    @Rick Seymour Good idea on the topics, be interesting. I wouldn’t always want it to be web themed on the topics, but for the first one it’d probably be best.

    @Jordan I’d want it to be distinct from Geekup Preston, as that’s more for web/tech people, while Preston Tweetup would be for anyone to attend (they’d probably be on twitter!).

    @Perki Good point, but it shouldn’t just be an event for early adopters. Anyone who is on twitter, or not even on twitter, would be welcome to come and join in! Maybe that could even be part of it, some of the more ‘advanced’ twitter and social media users run ‘surgery’ sessions where they teach other people about all the things twitter can do.

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

  5. Great idea. I know its too late now, but we could have probably pulled something off around the twestival happenings on the 12th Feb. (any one going to @lpooltwestival by the way)

    I would agree with Ed – any theme needs to be generic, not just web2 or geek, but around using twitter in Preston. Maybe a series of pecha kuchas on how we use twitter?

    @Perki JR said something on BBC ???

  6. Yes please!

  7. Got an update for you all, the New Continental pub in Broadgate is installing wi-fi in the next week and are interested in hosting. I’ve dropped them a mail so we’ll see what they say.

    Stage 9 Marketing have also come back to me and are interested, potentially as a sponsor/supporter.

    Will keep you all posted.

  8. Yup, count me in, especially if it’s at the Continental..two minutes down the road 🙂

  9. Provisional yes here dependent on when.

  10. @Fairsnape: i know that Jonathon Ross (@wossy) said something on TV and since then its been on the radio, other tv programs, the news, newspapers, magazines, etc… and it just seems to have taken off so quickly since it was mentioned by a famous face… that friday night made me see my first ever ‘Fail Whale’ from twitter and after that i knew something would become of it!!

    @Ed Walker: If it does happen at the New Continental (obviously depending on dates and times) i’m sure i could come along… hopefully this will transpire into something pretty cool! 🙂

    Perki 🙂

  11. Count me in, can i bring a twittortrator from Blackburn ?

  12. @sherlock of course, the more the merrier! It might inspire them to organise a Blackburn tweetup 🙂

  13. Got him to sign up and sounds like a great idea. We work at a college so we may organise one for the students. Looking foward to it.

  14. Excellent, look forward to seeing you there! Will confirm a date by Monday at the latest

  15. […] really didn’t know what to expect when I floated the idea of Preston Tweetup and it just goes to show how a decent idea can really go places when people get on board. The night […]

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