Interview with Preston actor Mark Strange

Mark Strange is from Leyland but has now appeared in various Hollywood movies

Mark Strange is from Leyland but has now appeared in various Hollywood movies

Preston Blog managed to snatch a few quick words with Preston based action-adventure actor Mark Strange:

Preston Blog: Hi Mark. Hope you’re well, how are you doing today?

Mark Strange: I’m great thanks, I’ve been very busy, it’s a little hectic.

PB: What have you been upto?

MS: I’ve been focused on developing my career as an actor. I’ve just finished working on my 3rd feature film as an actor and producer – Bodyguard: A New Beginning.

PB: How is 2009 looking for Mark Strange?

MS: Super busy!!! I’ve got a lot of projects in development for work as an actor and a producer. I am also looking forward to taking up new challenges as both an actor and producer.

PB: Have you been back to Preston recently?

MS: I was home for Christmas to visit family and friends. I like to spend time in the North West of England, it’s a cool place.

PB: Do you have fond memories of Preston?

MS: Yes. I grew up in Leyland, which is next door to Preston, so I have all of my childhood memories. I’ve also had some great nights out in Preston with my friends.

PB: Where’s your favourite place to hang out in Preston?

MS: I haven’t been there for a while but my favourite place to hang out is Browns/Truth – it’s a popular bar/nightspot in Preston.

PB: What’s been your favourite role as an actor?

MS: That’s a really hard question as I’ve enjoyed playing most of my characters, but to date, I think it has to be Mark the homeless guy from my 2nd feature film – Underground. I have also got a few more characters in development which I am really looking forward to playing.

PB: Which actor do you admire the most?

MS: Sylvester Stallone. He was a big influence on my career from seeing his films when I was young. He was big in the 80s and he’s still making films now.

PB: Is it difficult being filmed while doing martial arts? Is it different?

MS: A fight sequence is mentally and physically demanding. It’s all about the timing and being able to sell it to the audience that it is real. As an actor you want to give it 100% because once you’re captured on film, you’re on film forever. It is difficult and demanding having to do it over and over again exactly right for the camera, but it’s all good fun.

Watch Mark Strange in action from the film Underground

Mark Strange – Underground Car Fight from Mark Strange on Vimeo.

PB: You are also a producer, if you could have directed one film, what would it have been?

MS: Wow, that’s another hard question as I like so many films across the board. If it was an older film from the 70s or 80s then I would maybe like to direct Rocky, but if it’s a more recent film, then it would have to be something as big as Lord of the Rings.

PB: What would your ultimate action flick be and who would star in it?

MS: For an action film I would like Sylvester Stallone (Rocky), Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace) and Ian McKellen (Lord of the Rings). I’m not too sure how the story would pan out, but I would like Olga to be the love interest and Ian to be the bad guy. If I had an unlimited budget then I would include a lot more of my favourite actors.

PB: Would you ever set a film in Preston? Does it have any places that are worthy back drops?

MS: My 1st feature film – Displaced, was mostly shot in Leyland and Preston and I also shot some scenes from my 2nd film – Underground, in Preston as well. I would definitely use some of the interior locations in Preston again on any of my future films.

PB: We see you are on twitter and also have a good website, how important is the web becoming for actors and the movie industry in general?

MS: The web is fast becoming the greatest marketing tool available to the movie industry. It is most important to have a good website on a global scale because so many people will see it.

You can follow Mark Strange on Twitter through @markstrange


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