Ashton Park to be home to new skate park

Ashton Park will be the site for a new skate park

Ashton Park will be the site for a new skate park

The Preston City Council Central Area Forum revealed on Thursday 29th January 2009 that Ashton Park has been chosen as the location for a brand new skate park.

This is good news for Preston’s skater community. The decision was taken on the potential location after consultation with local schools, youth groups and other key local groups. The Council is now looking into funding and may apply to the Big Lottery Fund again after the successful bid for £80,000 for a Moor Park kids play area.


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  1. Great news for the skaters. Has there been any reaction from residents on this proposal?

    I did a lot of work looking at the impact of skate facilities on local communities, would be happy to pass the resulting film on to anyone who might be interested.

    • hi Chris,
      I am a parent and youth club leader who is at the beginning of a campaign to get a skate park in our village, there is lots of support from the villagers but we now have to convince the parish council that it will be a good idea, i would be very interested to get hold of your video if possible.
      thanks, Andrea

  2. I’m going to try and get some reaction from residents – will shoot an email to local councillor.

    Have dropped you an email about that film you did, might be able to show the film on the blog 🙂

    Thanks for your comment Chris.

  3. This is great news! I ride a bit of BMX and have been wanting a Park in Preston for ages. Ashton park is only across the road from me too 😀

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  6. hay i think this idea is fantastic and a skatepark will bring some life back into the skateboarders such as myself however i have my douts there has been many skateparks that have have a clame to be made in the area and frankly did not appear or look like appearing also lookoing at the park now there appears to be very little work(none) done if there is no reply to my comment form someone who can provide proff this will come about or there is still nothing at the park i WILL be writeing to a paper and making sure that a park is made ,i do have contacts to make this happen and if anyone would like to share ideas contact me at 😀

  7. This is great news, to be honest it’s amazing that Preston has had no real skatepark facility’s up till now considering it’s size and population( i’m deliberately ignoring the facility on Ribbleton park).

    Will there be an opportunity to consult with the council on this, with regards the design and the contractors used, as I’m sure there are many people in the Preston area who would be happy to contribute their time and experience to ensure the best results are achieved.

    There’s an ever growing list of council provided skate parks in the UK of varying quality, some rather poor and some excellent, I think there’s a lot to be learned from this in terms of what design elements work and those that don’t, as well as show casing the quality of the work carried out by the various contractors.

  8. Its great news that they are building a skate park in preston because alot of people who like to ride scooter blade or board have proberly been waiting for this for ages .

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