Dance classes in Preston, Lancashire

dancing is a fun and healthy evening out

dancing is a fun and healthy evening out

In the times of credit crunch, people still need to have fun. Learning how to dance was on the list of ‘things to do this year’, so with two left feet and a foxtrot that would make John Sargeant look half-decent I set off to try out a dance class in Preston.

A quick search on Google brought up plenty of opportunities, and there’s loads of good dance schools in and around Preston offering some cheap starter lessons.

We went for the Greens Dance Centre in Lostock Hall and a lesson for Absolute Beginners in Ballroom and Latin. Driving to the place was a bit daunting, turning down a small street and bumping our way down to a hall that looked like that hall that Dad’s Army use. Once inside it was a different story, a small bar liquored us up with some dutch courage and before we knew it we were straight into the dancing.

It’s not the biggest space to learn in (although this will come in useful to stop me taking such big steps and dragging my girlfriend across the dancefloor!). It’s cheap at £7.50 for just over an hour and it’s basic steps so you can pick it up quickly.

So, if you’re short of something to do and want something every week that’s fun, healthy and cheap then why not give dancing a try? Even if you’ve got two left feet like me.


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