Council launches ‘Respect our city’ campaign in Preston

preston rules 'round town poster

preston rules 'round town poster

Preston City Council has launched a ‘Respect our city’ campaign to try and curb anti-social behaviour from drunks in the city centre – especially at the weekends.

The campaign will see posters, bus adverts and billboards promoting the messages ‘Rules Round Town’. The council is using ‘coarse’ language to try and get in the faces of those on a night out, including “No Doggy Doos”, “No Effin’ & Jeffin'” and “No Pavement Pizza”.

No doubt it’s expensive (£20,000 according to the Daily Telegraph) and the design agency can’t of been cheap who thought it up. The aim of the campaign is outlined on the Lancashire Constabulary website:

The Safer Preston Partnership aims to reduce crime and disorder in Preston and is made up of Preston City Council, Lancashire Constabulary, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service and other public, private and voluntary organisations.

[the signs] will contain the ‘Rules ‘round town’, which set out that anti-social behaviour such as swearing, spitting, dropping litter, dog fouling and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated in Preston – and that anyone caught breaking these rules could be arrested or face an £80 fixed penalty fine.

The new initative seems to have enjoyed considerable media coverage. So if you’re on a night out soon, keep an eye out for the posters/signs/notices wherever they might be. Will it work? Let us know below.

Image in this post is used with permission from flickr user Tony Worrall Foto


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